Mike Seehagel

CAMP Festival Title Sequence

camp festival title sequence

A spark of an idea, and the struggle and hard work of seeing it through. The process of creation.

This was the theme for the 2015 CAMP Festival opening title sequence. I worked alongside Studio Dialog to create the opening titles, and given the theme
and aesthetic of the conference we decided the best way to represent the hard work and torment of the creative process was to physically put ourselves through it, with a
hike through the Rocky Mountains. Nothing says struggle and hard work more than a 2,165ft elevation gain with 60lbs of camera gear on our backs.   

Commissioned by Camp Festival  

Client: Bram Timmer/CAMP Fest
Creative Direction: Steve Seeley, Mike Seehagel
DOP: Steve Seeley
Edit: Mike Seehagel
Colour: Mike Seehagel, Steve Seeley
Design & Animation: Mark Gervais, Mike Seehagel, Steve Seeley, Shelley Cornies
Audio: Six Degrees/Chris Vail