Mike Seehagel

el Jimador Tequila

Mike Seehagel worked alongside Scoppechio and Kiddo Films to direct a series of commercials and :06 spots for el Jimador Tequila.   

Commissioned by Scoppechio

:15 – Agency Hero

:06 – Restaurant

:06 – Urban Paradise

:06 – Backyard Party

:06 – Soccer

:06 – Day of the Dead

06: – Friendsgiving

Agency: Scoppechio
Associate Creative Director: Lanny Fuller
Agency Art Director: Hilary McDaniel
Agency Producer: Thom Little

Behind the Scenes: Kai Balin

Director: Mike Seehagel
DP: Byron Kopman
Executive Producers: Michael Milardo, Leah Nelson – Kiddo Films
Producer: Genevieve Strachan
First AD: Stu Andrews
Second AD: Kris Carter
Wardrobe: Angela Cooney, Kathleen McCullough
Hair and Makeup: Kianna Lopes, Denean Dale
Production Designer: Richard Simpson
Drink Stylist: Jason Hedley